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Alax Left Banner

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  Alxa Left Banneris a banner (administrative division) of Inner Mongolia, China. The town of Bayanhot, situated in the banner, is the seat of government of the greater Alxa League, of which Alxa Left Banner is a part.

  Alxa Left Banner is on the route of provincial highway S218, which is accessible via China National Highway 110 via the city of Wuhai. It is also accessible by air via the Alxa Left Banner Bayanhot Airport. Ethnic Mongols make up 27% of the banner population.

  The average elevation is between 800 to 1500 meters above sea level. A large part of the banner is desert.

  The banner is subdivided into four subdistricts, 9 towns, and 6 sumus.


  Alxa has distinct tourist features. The first is the uniqueness of the natural scenery. The various patterns of natural ecology such as mountainous areas, forests, grasslands, deserts, Gobi, pools, salt lakes, and psammophyte, etc. which have formed the different scenic systems such as mountains and rivers, large deserts, Gobi and grasslands, etc. The second is the non-replacement of the humanistic resources. the Minority flavor of Mogolia in Weilate (wèi lā tè 卫拉特) and Tuerhute (tǔ ěr hù tè 土尔扈特) of Alxa, etc are all resources only possessed by Alxa. The third lies in the originality and mystery of the area. The highest sand mountain of the world, the largest loud sand area and the most serried area with sand lake groups all gather in Badan Jaran. The poplar of Eerna can “live for a thousand years without falling down, alive for another thousand years after falling down and enduring for another thousand years after death.” The miraculous stones in desert and Gobi are so vivid with different poses and expressions. Tuerhute, who returned to motherland through thousands of hardships and dangers, has settled right in Alxa.


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