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  Lying in the hinterland of the Asia, being encircled by mountains and far away from the sea contributes to the typical continental climate of Alxa. Generally, it is short of rain while the wind is strong and sandy, thus the weather is always dry. The rainy season is usually in July, August and September. The annual amount of precipitation is 200 millimeter (7.87 inches) in the southeastern part and 40 millimeter (1.57 inches) in the northwestern part. The difference in temperature between day and night is large. The annual average temperature is 6 to 8.5 degrees Centigrade (42.8 to 47.3 degrees Fahrenheit); the lowest temperature -36.4 degrees Centigrade (-33.5 degrees Fahrenheit) is in January while the highest temperature 41.7 degrees Centigrade (107 degrees Fahrenheit) is in winter.


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