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Alxa Left Banner to Hohhot air route has achieved round-trip line of two flights per day

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  At 17:00 p.m. on December 5th, along with the roaring sound of the engine, an EMB-145-type airliner landed on the parking apron of Alxa Left Banner commuting airport on time. Under the guidance of the staff, passengers got off the plane in good order, which marked that from that day on, Alxa Left Banner to Hohhot air route had achieved two-flight-a-day round-trip line.   

  As is reported, the flight number of the airline from Alxa Left Banner to Hohhot opened by Tianjin Airlines is GS6697/8, taking off from Hohhot at 15:40, reaching Alxa Left Banner at 17:00, and departing from Alxa Left Banner at 17:40, arriving in Hohhot at 18:50. The flying aircraft is EMB-145 airliner, which belongs to turbofan regional aircraft, generally called jetliner whose standard configuration is fifty seats. Compared with Modern Ark 60, this type of aircraft is lower in noise and higher in flight altitude, more comfortable, faster, and with the ability of cutting down the flight time by almost 20 minutes.

  Li Yijun, the director of Alxa League Civil Aviation Management Center, told the report that in May this year, Alxa Left Banner commuting airport reconstructed and upgraded the airfield area by elevating the original runway of 2400m×30m to 2400m×45m, which would be officially put into use in July this year. It is a significant achievement that EMB-145 aircraft joins the operation of Alxa airline market after the reconstruction and upgrade of airfield area in Alxa airport this year.

  Transportation is the lifeblood of national economy and social development. Secretary of the Party Committee of the autonomous region, Li Jiheng, puts forward that the underdevelopment of infrastructure is a conspicuous shortage for modern construction in our region. Therefore, it is essential to formulate a scientific plan, strive to fight fortified battle, accelerate to construct railway network, road network, airline network, municipal administration system, energy network and information communication network seven network systems, which brings a new opportunity and raises a new requirement for Alxa League to create a three-dimensional transport network that integrates aviation, railway and road and to shorten the distance of Alxa and the world. Since this year, based on advantages in resources and location, focused on the development orientation of “forging Alxa into international travel destination” and “making Alxa the important passageway of serving Silk Roads economic belt and Sino-Russian economic corridor”, Alxa League has elaborately planned port construction and completed aviation, railway and road traffic network, made efforts to create a new highland that is open to the outside world and improved its openness so as to pave the way to reginal economic and social development. The opening of the twice-a-day round-trip airline of Alxa Left Banner to Hohhot is one of the practices and significant achievements for Alxa League to build “seven networks”.

  At present, Alxa aviation market is being operated by Tianjin Airlines and Joy Air, totally five airlines opened, internally realizing to cover Alxa Left Banner, Alxa Right Banner and Ejin Banner three banners, externally opening the airlines from Alxa Left Banner to Hohhot, Xi’an and Tianjin three cities by considering Alxa Left Commuting Airport as the departure airport, achieving connection to artery aviation networks, building a gold air bridge in the sky of Alxa and offering soaring wings for Alxa economic and social development.

  According to sources, Alxa League is going to make constant optimization to air route and airline schedule as market requires. In the future, the increase of flight and the upgrade of aircraft configuration will provide travelers with more convenience and choices and add fresh vigor for expanding and perfecting aviation network of Alxa League at the same time.


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