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Alxa Left Banner Transportation

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External traffic



Alxa Left Banner Airport-Xi'an Xianyang Airport;

Alxa Left Banner Airport-Hohhot Baita Airport;

Alxa Left Banner Airport-Tianjin Airport;

Alxa Left Banner Airport-Alxa Right Banner Airport;

Alxa Left Banner Airport-Alxa Ejin Banner;

For further information please call 96777.


Alxa Left Banner has not pass the train, but you can arriving at Wuhai Railway Station or Yinchuan Railway Station, and then take a bus or car rental to Alxa Left Banner.


Bayanhaote Bus Station

For further information please call 0483-8222074.


City Traffic


Alxa Left Banner City Bus-For free

Taxi-2 Yuan per person, 3 Yuan per person at night.

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