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Local Specialties

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  (1) Local specialty: crystal jewelries, crystal eyeglasses, Helan ink stone, Mongolian silver bowls, fine spinning camel hair products which are made with exquisite and careful workmanship, not only cheap but of good quality as tourist souvenirs.

  (2) Alxa League rugs modeled after antiques: Superb wool is selected for rugs made with exquisite workmanship which are plain, colorful, lofty, with rich local artistic style and enjoy worldwide reputation.

  (3) Desert cistanche: a famous and precious Chinese traditional herb, praised by people as desert ginseng which is of mild nature, used for invigorating the kidney, fortifying sexual organs and lubricating intestines. It is very effective for hypertension, arthritis and rheumatism.

  (4) Hoodoos: produced from Yinshan mountain (yīn shān 阴山) chain in the north of Alxa, Badain Jaran desert and Wulanbuhe desert. Being famous for its quality, forms, grains and rhyme, it integrates ancient style with strange, precious and scarce characteristics and is worthy to be praised as the best quality goods which as if had gathered essence of the world and congealed makings of the nation.

  (5) Sand paintings: a special artistic products in Alxa made with natural yellow sand to create colorful artistic paintings which would bring people fresh and esthetic feelings. 














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